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  Risk Mitigation
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  EMC Avamar
  EMC Data Domain
  EMC NetWorker
  Oracle RMAN
  Veritas NetBackup
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  EMC Reports
  HDS Reports
  NetApp Reports
  Host Storage Reports
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Customer Reports
  Report Name
80-20 Rule of Problematic Clients
  80-20 Rule of Problematic VM Guests
  APTARE Instant NBU Backup Assessment Part 1
  APTARE Instant NBU Backup Assessment Part 1 MS
  APTARE Instant NBU Backup Assessment Part 2
  APTARE Instant NBU Backup Assessment Part 2 MS
  Ad Hoc Host Attribute Breakdown
  Allocated Available by Array
  Allocated Forecast by Site
  Allocated Storage by Site Summary
  Allocated Used by Site
  Array Allocated AOL Forecast
  Array Allocated Forecast
  Array Allocated Linear Forecast
  Array Allocated POP Forecast
  Array Allocation by Site
  Array Growth Period Over Period
  Array List Showing Pools
  Array Port Intelligent Provisioning
  Array Port Performance Report
  Array Stats vs Last Month
  Array Usable Free Multi Metric Forecast
  Array Use by Host
  Avamar Ad Hoc Occupancy Report
  Avamar Client DeDupe Report
  Avamar Client Summary
  Avamar Client Version Breakdown Summary
  Avamar Clients With The Most New Data
  Avamar Datasets Summary
  Avamar Garbage Collection History
  Avamar Grid System Info Pivot
  Avamar Grid System Info Tabular
  Avamar Groups Summary
  Avamar Node Available Capacity Linear Forecast
  Avamar Node Available Capacity POP Forecast
  Avamar Node Multi-Metric Available Capacity Foreca
  Avamar Open File Error Summary
  Avamar Scanned Size Per Grid by Job Type
  Avamar Scanned-New DeDupe Ratio
  Avamar Scheduled Backups and Replication Values pe
  Avamar Schedules Summary
  Avamar Sent-Not-Sent DeDupe Ratio
  Backup Hogs
  Backup Job and Client Status per Backup Server
  Backup Period Over Period Stats Detail
  Backup Period over Period Stats
  Backup Skipped File and Reason
  Backup Stats vs Last Month
  Client Count by Backup Server
  Client Failures in X Days
  Client Final Status Count by Day,Week,Month,Qtr,Yr
  Client Job Status Summary
  Client Job Success Rate Summary
  Clients Backed up by Multiple Backup Servers
  Clients Who Missed Their Backups
  Clients with no Backup in X Days
  CommVault Job Size by iData Agent
  CommVault Mission Control by Physical & VM Clients
  CommVault Physical & Virtual Job Summary by CV Ser
  CommVault Tape Drive Activity and Idle Time
  CommVault Tape Drive Usage History
  CommVault VM Guest Job Status Summary
  Compare backup statistics across 3 different backu
  Compliance RTO RPO Report
  Consecutive Client Failure Alert
  Daily Client Overall Status Detail
  Daily Job Size vs 3 Day Moving Average
  Data Domain Disk R/W System Stats
  Data Domain Filesystem Multi-Metric Forecast Repor
  Data Domain Network I/O System Stats
  Data Domain Storage Breakdown by Location
  Data Domain System Breakdown by Location
  Data Domain System Breakdown by OS
  Data Domain System Info by Site Detail
  Data Domain System Replication
  Data Domain System Snapshots
  Days When Storage was Allocated
  EMC LUNs Detail
  EMC Size Summary by RAID Type
  EMC VMAX Ad Hoc Pool Breakdown
  EMC VMAX Array Breakdown by Pool Used Availaible O
  EMC VMAX Array Pool Summary
  EMC VMAX Array-Pool Breakdown by Pool Used Availai
  EMC VMAX Pool List
  EMC VMAX Pool Usage History
  EMC VMAX Pool Used Availaible Oversubscribed
  EMC VMAX Pool Used Availaible Oversubscribed per A
  EMC VMAX Pool Used Availaible Oversubscribed per P
  EMC VNX Individual Pool Capacity Forecast
  EMC VNX Total Pool Capacity Forecast
  Enterprise Change History Detail
  Fabric Switch Alerts
  Failed or No Backup in 3 days
  HDS DP Array Pool Usage History
  HDS DP Array Usage History Summary
  HDS DP LUN Perspective Storage
  HDS DP Pool Multi-Metric Available Capacity Foreca
  HDS DP Pool Usage History Single Array
  HDS DP Pool Usage Report
  HDS Dynamic Tiering Individual LDEV Comparisons
  HDS HNAS Filesystem Multi-Metric Forecast
  HDS LUNs External to Storage Arrays
  HDS LUSE Detail by Array
  HDS LUSE Summary by Array
  HP 3PAR Array Utilization and Summary
  HP Data Protector Session Status Summary
  Host Allocated Storage Per Array Includes Allocate
  Host Array Relationships
  Host CPU Performance
  Host Count by Array
  Host Filesystem 90 Day Usage
  Host Filesystem Growth Period Over Period
  Host Filesystem Reclaimation Candidates
  Host Filesystem Type Summary Table
  Host Filesystem Use Detail
  Host Filesystem Utilization Detail
  Host HBA Summary
  Host Multi-Pathing Exposure
  Host Storage Detail
  Hosts with Large Files
  Hot LUNs Top 10 I/O with Associated Hosts
  Job Count by OS
  Job Stats by Product and Backup Server
  Job Volume Per Backup Server
  Job Volume vs Client Count and Tape Drive Use
  Job and Client Success by Window
  Job and Client Success by Window and Server Group
  LUN Performance with Sparklines
  LUN Replicated Summary per Array
  LUN Replicated Summary per Array
  Legato Ad Hoc Report Designer
  Legato Avg Throughput by Stg Node
  Legato Daily Client Consecutive Failure Alert
  Legato Daily Client Overall Status Detail with Sav
  Legato Job Volume by Stg Node
  Legato Job Volume by Stg Node Comparison (B)
  Legato Job Volume by Stg Node.P
  Mission Control by Backup Window and Client
  Multi-Array Multi-Metric Forecast Report
  Multi-Vendor Thin Pool Usage Forecast
  NBU 3 Copy End To End Data Protection Detail
  NBU Active vs Expired Job Volume Summary
  NBU Ad Hoc Error Code Distribution
  NBU Ad Hoc Error Code Summary
  NBU Ad Hoc Occupancy Distribution
  NBU Ad Hoc Occupancy Report
  NBU Ad Hoc Pie Chart Designer
  NBU Ad Hoc Policy Histogram
  NBU Ad Hoc Report Designer
  NBU Appliance Disk Pool Summary
  NBU Auto Image Replication (AIR) Jobs
  NBU Backup Job and Client Status per Master Server
  NBU Backup Success per Master
  NBU Client DeDupe Report CL
  NBU Client DeDupe Report MS
  NBU Client Exclude List CL
  NBU Client Exclude List MS
  NBU Client Job Stats Heat Map
  NBU Client Policy Consecutive Failure Alert
  NBU Client Version Comparison
  NBU Clients with Lifecycle Policies
  NBU Daily Full and Incrementals by Client - Policy
  NBU Daily Overall Client Status Detail
  NBU Disk Pool Multi-Metric Forecast Report
  NBU Disk Pool Used Available Capacity
  NBU Disk Volume and Pool Available Capacity Pivot
  NBU Dup Job Summary by Media Server Tape Drive
  NBU Error Code Summary by Attribute
  NBU Exposure by Schedule Frequency
  NBU Failed Job Count Breakdown by Top Error Codes
  NBU Historical Master Server - Library Metrics
  NBU Image Action Distribution
  NBU Image Action Distribution Report
  NBU Image Actions
  NBU Image Duplication Jobs
  NBU Images About to Expire with x Nbr of Copies
  NBU Images to Destroy
  NBU Job Breakdown by Job Type
  NBU Job Count Breakdown Queue Time
  NBU Job Count Breakdown by Duration
  NBU Job Count Breakdown by Policy Type
  NBU Job Size Breakdown by Expiration Time
  NBU Job Size Breakdown by Job Type
  NBU Job Size Breakdown by Special Policy Types
  NBU Job Stats by Server Group
  NBU Job Summary Stats by Policy Type
  NBU Job and Client Volume per Data Domain
  NBU Jobs with Dup Jobs
  NBU Lifecycle Policy Client Configurations
  NBU Lifecycle Policy Configurations MS
  NBU Load Balance By Master Server
  NBU Load Balance By Media Server
  NBU Load Balance By Media Server - Tape Drive
  NBU Load Balance by Media Server Appliance 11/04/2
  NBU Load Balance by Tape Drive
  NBU Master Server DeDupe Report MS
  NBU Master Server Media Server Storage Unit Mappin
  NBU Media Server - Tape Drive Throughput Heat Map
  NBU Mission Control by Client - Policy
  NBU Mission Control by Master
  NBU Mission Control by MasterPolicy
  NBU Mission Control by Policy
  NBU Most Mounted Media
  NBU NetApp Volumes in Active NDMP Policies
  NBU Policy Audit - Client Changes
  NBU Policy Audit - Pathname Changes
  NBU Policy Audit - Policy Changes
  NBU Policy Audit - Schedule Changes
  NBU Policy Client Last Good Full and Incr with Tap
  NBU Policy Clients
  NBU Policy Count by Type
  NBU Policy List by Type
  NBU Policy Schedule Clients Configuration Report
  NBU Queued Job Breakdown per Master
  NBU Restore Job Age
  NBU SLP Jobs with Dup Jobs
  NBU Stalled Job Alert
  NBU Streamed Size Rollup per Application Policy
  NBU Tape Drive Up-Down Status Summary by Master Se
  NBU Tape Error Summary
  NBU Tape Status Report
  NBU Tapes to Destroy
  NBU Top 10 Error Code Occurrances
  NBU Top 10 Largest Backup Metrics
  NBU Ultimate Client Status After Retries
  NetApp C-Mode Volume Usage Multi Metric Forecast
  NetApp SnapMirror Status Distribution by Attribute
  NetApp SnapVault Daily GB Transferred per Filer He
  NetApp SnapVault Status Distribution by Attribute
  NetApp Snapshot Daily Blocks Transferred per Filer
  NetApp Volume Available Capacity Linear Forecast
  NetApp Volume Available Capacity POP Forecast
  NetApp Volume Day-Over-Day Usage Rate Comparison
  NetApp Volume Multi-Metric Forecast Report
  OSSV Daily Status Detail
  OSSV Daily Status Summary
  OSSV Job Summary
  OSSV Status Distribution
  OSSV Status Summary
  Overall Client Status Detail
  Owners of files by Type
  Percentages of Jobs, Clients vs Number of Tape Dri
  RAID Types by Array
  Raw Host Disk vs Allocated
  SAN Stats vs Last Month
  Sample Hyperlinks
  Sample Percentage Bar Formatter
  Sample Status Icon Formatter
  Sample Status Icon Formatter
  Sample Status Icon Formatter
  Sample Use of Backup Window Dates
  Skipped Files by Client
  Storage Use For Clusters
  Storage Use For Clusters by Environment
  Storage by Site Detail
  Suspect Client Job Variance Report
  TSM ANR Messages
  TSM Active Sessions Summary
  TSM Ad Hoc Report Designer
  TSM Backup Count Breakdown per Instance
  TSM Backup Size(GB) by Instance
  TSM Backup Success per Instance
  TSM Backups Size and Counts over Time
  TSM Chargeback Based on Current Node Occupancy
  TSM Current Node Occupancy
  TSM DB Util Summary
  TSM DB Utilization
  TSM Daily Backup Size by Client - Node
  TSM Daily Occupancy by Pool
  TSM Daily Occupancy(GB) by
  TSM Daily Tape Count by Pool
  TSM Database Cache Hit Rate
  TSM Database Information
  TSM Disk Media Volume Pools
  TSM Failed Instance Processes
  TSM Instance Growth Period over Period
  TSM Job Details
  TSM Job Details by Node
  TSM Job SLA Totals by Window
  TSM Job Size(GB) by Instance
  TSM Job Size(GB) by Job Type
  TSM Job Size(GB) by...
  TSM New Clients Registered per Instance
  TSM New Clients Registered to Over Time
  TSM Node Count by Software Version
  TSM Node Filespace Last Backup
  TSM Node Filespace Volumes
  TSM Node Occupancy
  TSM Platform Policy Domain Occupancy
  TSM Primary Copy Pool Differences
  TSM Process Breakdown per Instance
  TSM Process Count Breakdown per Instance
  TSM Process Size and Counts over Time
  TSM Process Summary
  TSM Process Type Throughput Histogram
  TSM Stale Filespace Breakdown
  TSM Stale Filespaces
  TSM Storagepool Usage
  TSM Tape Status Summary
  TSM job Size(GB) by Storage Pool
  Tape Drive Activity and Idle Time
  Tiers Host Storage by Environment Detail
  Tiers Host Storage by Environment Distribution
  Tiers Host Storage by Environment Summary
  Top 10 Array Port Statistics
  VM Datastore Multi-Metric Forecast
  VM Datastore Thin Provisioning Report
VM Fastest Growing Guests 07/21/2015
  VM File Size by Datastore/Type
  VM File Size by Type/Datastore
  VM Files Not in Inventory
  VM Files Summary Report
  VM Guest Disk Multi-Metric Forecast
  VM Guest Disk Writes Heat Map
  VM Guest End To End LUN Mapping Detail
  VM Guest End To End LUN Mapping Summary
  VM Guest NetApp SnapVault Lag Time Status
  VM Guest Storage Summary
  VM Guest True Size
  VM Guest True Size by File Type
  VM LUN Use by Datastore Report
  VM Stats vs Last Month
  VSphere Cluster Stats
  What if Client Count Increased
  vSphere Cluster Datastore Capacity
  vSphere Cluster Hardware Detail
  vSphere Cluster Hardware Summary
  vSphere Cluster LUN stats


Customer Reports Library

The Customer Report Library is a collection of unique reports created by the APTARE community and is made available for all customers and partners.
Reports can be downloaded and used as-is or customized to suit their own unique environment.

The custom reports in this inventory were created via the APTARE StorageConsole Report Template Designer (RTD) interface. These custom reports complement the over 300 reports that are included with the StorageConsole platform. These custom reports meet very specific customer requirements for capacity, backup, SAN fabric, and chargeback reporting. End Users and APTARE Technical Sales Consultants can quickly and easily use these reports to analyze the vast repository of data that StorageConsole maintains on customer data center environments.

Note: Some reports may not be suitable for large environments or MSP portals.

Get started by selecting a report on the left navigation pane. You can read a report description and download the report to your desktop. After downloading, you can import the report into your APTARE StorageConsole portal.

Examples of reports downloaded from this site are to be used as examples only and are NOT supported by APTARE. If you require assistance with modifying any reports, please contact APTARE Professional Services.